Title Iv Program Participation Agreement

(i) develop, publish, manage and enforce a code of conduct with respect to loans granted, insured or guaranteed under HeA loan programs referred to in Title IV, HEA loans in accordance with 34 CFR 601.21; and 2. An institution`s program participation agreement applies to any branch campus and other site of the institution that meets the applicable requirements of this Part, unless otherwise specified by the Secretary. (20) In the case of a co-educational body with an inter-college sports program, it shall comply with the provisions of section 668.48; 2. A new agreement for participation in the programme shall replace a prior agreement to participate in the programme between the Secretary and the institution. 3. If the Secretariat or the institution announces an agreement to participate in the Programme in accordance with point (f) of this Section, the Secretary shall fix the date of termination. (iii) providing for the certification under section 668.414 for that program. (iv) The institution intends to close a site providing at least one 100% program. 1. In addition to the provisions of paragraphs (g) and (h) of this Division, the Secretary shall terminate an agreement to participate in the Program by the procedure set out in Sub-Part G of this Part. 1. An institution may participate in a programme other than the LEAP and NEISP programmes only if the institution concludes a written agreement with the Secretary to participate in the programme on a form approved by the Secretary. A participation agreement in the programme shall condition the initial and continuous participation of an institution entitled under Title IV in the HEA programme, in compliance with the provisions of this Part, the various rules of the programme and any additional conditions laid down in the participation agreement which the Secretary requires of the institution.

(B) Is an institution that has undergone a change of ownership leading to a change of control and participates in FFEL or direct credit programs. 2. The participation of the Institute shall end in accordance with Article 668, paragraph 26, subparagraphs 1, 2, 4 or 7. (A) participates for the first time in ffel or direct loan programmes; or (b) the applicant`s estimated financial assistance, including the amounts of financial assistance used to replace the family contribution provided for by the institution referred to in Title IV, for students who have completed the application for free federal assistance; and 3. No student will charge or charge a fee for the processing or processing of applications, forms or data necessary to determine a student`s entitlement to and the amount of assistance granted to the HeA Program under Title IV; (g) an institution`s program participation agreement automatically expires on the date on which – (iii) the institution`s public licensing or licensing body withdraws the license or legal authorization to provide an educational program. . . .

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