Culver`s Term Of Franchise Agreement

29. Termination fee for development contracts: $10,000 for each restaurant to be developed as part of your development plan, for which you have not signed a franchise agreement or for which you have paid an initial franchise fee: If the franchisees are an individual operator, they must be the main operator and the restaurant in person , unless they receive prior authorization from the franchisor to delegate their authority to do so. When franchisees operate multiple restaurants, they may delegate certain administrative tasks for additional restaurants to one or more franchisor-approved managers. If franchisees are a business unit or partnership, an individual (operator) must retain at least 50% of the equity and voting rights in the company or partnership and is required to be the main local operator who personally manages the restaurant. In the alternative, a single operator may retain at least 25% of the equity and voting rights in the company or partnership, provided that the person owns at least 25% of the property and property and is the principal contractor on site and personally manages the restaurant. If franchisees are a business unit or partnership, they must indicate the ownership structure and the ownership shares of the certification of the franchisor`s business entity. Franchisees must offer and sell all goods and services that the franchisor has approved. With the exception of off-site sales, to which the franchisor expressly consents in writing, franchisees may serve customers only from the restaurant for which they are authorized. Training Overview: Prior to the opening of the restaurant, the restaurant`s management team, which typically includes six people in addition to franchisees, must have, to the satisfaction of the franchisor, attended and completed a manager of the culver`s recognized in the training program. The franchisor requires that all managers of the franchisee`s health program, the ServSafe equivalent or, in the absence of a state requirement, be certified into the national health program.

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