Vic Uni Enterprise Agreement

Of all Australian universities, VU is one of the boldest in creating a new approach to student training, focusing on bulk education and smaller classes. It is not surprising that they need major changes in their 2013 enterprise agreement to make it work. What is happening now: while the university now says it will ask employees about “Feedback” on the offer, Paul Adams of the NTEU is asking management to “listen to the collective voice of the staff and meet with the Union and negotiate a decent agreement.” Management`s message to employees during the vote was that the proposed enterprise agreement “offers many requirements that are above industry standards and, in some cases, are among the best in the industry.” While the union has described as insufficient the proposal for a wage increase, four annual wage increases from 1.4% this year to 2 per cent in 2021, the major problems appear to have been staff disturbances in restructuring management research, changing conditions for some teachers and reducing discipline and conflict and position allocation processes. (CMM September 10) Lorraine Ling says the proposed enterprise agreement is “the best offer VU can make to employees now and for the next four years.” Melbourne`s Victoria University has called on employees to vote “yes” to a collective agreement for businesses, which increases employee working hours and streamlines dispute resolution procedures due to the deteriorating financial deficit at the university. The first would be to make major concessions to the NTEU, which has pledged to maintain many of the terms of the 2013 agreement. Given the magnitude of the changes the university needs to maintain its new teaching model, this seems unlikely. “After several consecutive years in deficit, Victoria University must now return to a surplus over the next four years and reduce spending and increase revenues and productivity,” said Lorraine Ling, team leader for enterprise negotiation at Victoria University. The second would be to ask the Fair Work Commission to terminate the old agreement, as it is no longer likely to support the new VU model. Professor Ling said they would offer employees a 7.18 percent increase over the duration of the agreement, which would last until 2022. What this means is a great loss for the management of LA VU, which is trying to change its educational structure and its financial base.

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