Training Room Rental Agreement

The following guidelines are set for the rental of meeting rooms at PCE and Renter agrees to comply with these guidelines. Polymer Comply Europe SCRL (PCE) offers 4 different meeting rooms that you can rent online. All meeting rooms can be rented per hour. For rents above 4 hours, the full daily price is charged: in all cases, PCE charges an administration fee of 50 euros if the rent of the room is cancelled by the tenant. For rentals cancelled more than 2 months before the booked appointment date, there will be no additional cancellation fees. For rentals cancelled between 2 and 1 month before the date of the meeting, an additional cancellation fee is 25% of the rental price. For rentals cancelled between 1 month and 1 week before the meeting date, an additional cancellation fee is 75% of the rental price. For rentals cancelled less than a week before the meeting date, the full rental price is charged. hey do this is Joe from Ibiza quiet greasing and I`ll guide you by how you fulfill a standard leasing contract ok the first part we have the duration of the lease, how many months there will be a typical residential rental contract is 12 months, so we`ll just start 12 right here at least usually starts on the first day of a month and we`ll only do January the year 2013 we let`s say, it starts in the future and it ends on December 31, 2013, if you renter will only rent the rental ink with a postal address of 9v owner`s legs 3 in the owner`s address on the good state city I know it is in the codes in New York, so I`m actually in Florida 3 3 1 39 The miami and the beach is the tenant will only say , his name is Joseph 10 man and the owner agrees to rent the premises in us as we only make our office address, the 90 Alton Road I will not say the rest of the city of Miam Damages. The tenant is responsible for loss or damage to rental space, adjacent facilities, common buildings, outdoor buildings or land. This includes all damage to all appliances, devices, surfaces, including ceilings, floors and flooring, or any other property.

The tenant accepts and acknowledges that the tenant`s liability in the event of loss or damage is not limited to the amount of the rental price received by PCE.

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