Residential Tenancies Amendment (Long-Term Tenancy Agreements) Bill 2017

There is nothing in this law that requires the court to verify, in the case of any dispute within its jurisdiction, whether premises are or have been, at a significant time, illegal dwellings. Section 56A (1) (as inserted in section 11 of the 2017 Amendment Act) applies to a tenant of a building who is an illegal dwelling immediately after the start of Section 56A (1), as if the lease had begun at the beginning of this section. The bill seeks to significantly change the rental plan in Victoria and proposes a number of amendments, including: an amendment that creates a new illegal act does not apply to acts or omissions before the start. The subsection (1AAB) applies to a landlord without limitation of the subsection (1), the lessor cannot make the premises available to the tenant at the beginning of the lease; if – prior to Section 139, add: Replace Section 138C (as included in the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act 2017) with: We believe that there is another restriction to be applied: that premises must be used for commercial purposes for at least 90 days. This would help to ensure that the lease was terminated due to a genuine intention to use the commercial property and that the tenant was not obliged to leave earlier than necessary. I was very impressed by the importance that the Minister of State put into his intervention on the rights of homeowners. He talked about stability and trust. Tenants also have a right to stability and should have a right to security and believe and believe that if they follow the rules and pay their rent, they have security in their own home. Unfortunately, that is not the case today. We are all dealing with the fact that we have to take many different steps.

The minister has promised various measures. There has been a lot of promise on housing construction on the part of this government and the last one, and we are still waiting for many of them to be implemented. We are not going to hold our breath away from the many promises made by the minister, but in the meantime, these are measures that would make a real and substantial difference in the lives of many people who are now in short-term rental time frames. That would give them some protection and some security. These measures could be put in place very quickly. The first and third measures could be introduced with a stroke of a pen. I see no reason, if Parliament has a majority in favour of these measures, we cannot move this legislation forward and move forward. Don`t fight for the bar.

The minister, Deputy Ross, is trying to shut it down. I am pleased to speak on this bill and I recommend that members introduce it. The bill seeks to amend the Residential Tenancies Act 2004 to extend the minimum time for a landlord to terminate a tenancy agreement, provide tenants with rental data and increase the maximum value of existing fines.

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