Fiverr Nda Agreement

Recently, a client sent me an NDA to sign it. To sign this agreement is approved here by fiverr? Please respond. I`ll be grateful. This is prepared in most lawyers` agreements. They think most people won`t read them before they sign them, or if they do, they won`t understand them. The buyer should prove that the seller violated confidentiality. I really don`t see how that is possible. People could use the fake name on fiverr, others could use the person`s name on fiverr, etc. I`m like, “I have to read, sign and send the agreement, it`s not free.” Hey to everyone.

For 5″ small photoshop-job buyer wants me to sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA) that will do so. Open the agreement, it`s 3 pages long, and are you going, “Woah what, really?” It was as if they wanted my firstborn and know what color I wore underwear every day. More at the end of the page, he asked for the name, the address, the phone, etc. because it is not possible to disclose the names of the buyer/seller to each other, why fiverr does not take seller information and keep it confidential by offering NOA that can be used to protect the confidentiality project for service buyers, and in case of proof, and the seller has done something against the confidentiality of the project, the buyer may require that the sale information of fiver. I am sure that all buyers will have no problem paying additional payments for such a service if they have to make sure that their project is kept private, which will result in the seller making life easier, while working on something that is confidential to the buyer will not be worth much if you have not had it noted, that you do not know their postal address or residence and that they do not live in the same country as you do. The buyer`s news tells me, “Oh, just to check, it`s $20 for you to do about an hour of transcinging within 24 hours oh and by the way, you`re with sensitive information to deal with, so I`ll ask if you can sign an agreement.” A potential buyer asked me if I was willing to sign a confidentiality agreement to complete his work. I would never disclose a buyer`s information, but I am not a lawyer either. Is the signing of one of these agreements acceptable to Fiverr`s terms of use? The order would be quite important, and I don`t want to reject it.

Thoughts??? I wonder if the CEO of fiverr had an NDA when he hired someone to do Fiverr. He probably did. How would you make someone reliable to make a site like fiverr? Answer to @kjblynx: I thought the full name was the only personal information allowed, I intended to add my full name to my profile, because I regret using a 20-year nickname when I registered. Answer to @dezimags: If the full name is allowed (we need to check the support), you can request another confidentiality agreement that will only require your name. Please confirm with support first This is where the restrictions on disclosure and disclosure of personal data are useful for this platform.

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