Dgc Ontario Collective Agreement

More information about our new industrial partners can be found on their websites: www.dgc.ca/en/ontario/ DGC Ontario – DGC B.C provide employment opportunities for their members, advocate for their interests through collective bargaining and management, and conduct important industry lobbying and lobbying activities at the provincial and local levels. The Directors Guild of Canada Ontario (DGC Ontario) – a provincial labour organization – represents more than 2,800 creative and logistics collaborators working in the screen industry and in areas such as directing, directing, design, production management, venues and more. DGC Ontario provides its members with employment opportunities; represents their interests through the negotiation and management of collective agreements; and engages in extensive lobbying and lobbying at the provincial and local levels. DGC Ontario is looking for a passionate, hard-working and experienced person for the role of Executive Director – someone who will be an active leader for members of the screen industry – to advance the organization`s overall vision and mission. The arrangement, which is the result of a more than a year-long discussion between the two guilds, will allow a new category of membership to the Directors Guild of Canada for “Screen Composers.” The Directors Guild expects to enter into negotiations with the Canadian Media Production Association to secure a core collective agreement for private sector can producers. The Directors Guild of Canada and the Screen Composers Guild of Canada (SCGC) are pleased to announce a special alliance to ensure collective bargaining for screens working in the screen industry in English Canada. On December 6, LMGI member John Rakich attended the DGC Ontario Location Members Caucus meeting, where DGC Ontario`s membership in the LGMI was introduced to those present. Rakich and DGC Ontario Associate Executive Director Victoria Harding gave a lecture on the benefits of joining the LMGI. The meeting has already paid off, with applications from Ontario Rental professionals beginning to enter. The ideal candidate has an understanding of the film and television industry as well as multi-year management experience preferably gained in a union environment. Experience in the service of a member-based organization, accountable to a board of directors, is considered an asset. The new Executive Director speaks with clarity and confidence and has a leadership style that stimulates support from guild members and stakeholders in the broader community.

Cooperation, team building and the passion to engage and refer to all members – fair and just – are at the heart of the role, as well as a deep and constant commitment to justice, diversity and inclusion in all its forms.

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