Airbus Shareholder Agreement

Airbus holds meetings to inform shareholders and elect the board of directors. Shareholders and partners can ask questions about past and future activities and obtain detailed information about the company`s finances. The Board of Directors manages and controls Airbus. In order to exercise their right to vote, shareholders may also, by contacting their financial intermediary or account holder, give their voting instructions to Euroclear France S.A. or any other person designated for this purpose, as indicated by the Company in the notice of summons. This is despite easyGroup being clearly expressed in easyJet`s official business report as the largest sole shareholder. In fact, at the last general meeting (February 6, 2020), the directors published very detailed voting results that list all the votes cast for and against my actions, and without my actions – as well as their legally binding. Of course, they know how many shares we own, but they are desperately trying to deprive shareholders of a vote because they know they are going to lose. They must then go home and let others navigate the chaos they created by ordering all these unwanted aircraft. I personally hold her for her mistakes. General meetings take place as often as the board of directors deems necessary or at the request of shareholders who hold, individually or collectively, at least 10% of the total share capital issued by the company. The Company`s general meeting is held within six months of the end of the fiscal year. A shareholder whose shares are subject to collateral or usufruit has linked the voting rights to those shares, unless otherwise stated by law or statutes or where the shareholder has granted voting rights to the usufruit in the event of usufruit.

In accordance with the statutes and subject to the prior agreement of the Board of Directors, a seizure of the shares of the company may obtain the right to vote for these shares as a pledge. Shareholders who hold their shares in Airbus through Euroclear France S.A. and who wish to participate in the general meeting must apply for an entry ticket to their financial intermediary or account holder and receive a corresponding voting representative from Euroclear France S.A.

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