Dear Canada by Bronwyn

Dear Canada,

You are my home. I am very lucky to have been born here. I like being free. In Canada no matter a person’s skin colour, you are welcomed here. I love that you can come from Europe, Asia or Australia to Canada and have a home. You help us. You are here for us  We love you. Thank you so much. You even let my step-dad come from Hungary. Canada you are so so so amazing!
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I am so proud to be Canadian!

From, Bronwyn

Dear Canada by Evie

Dear Canada,

Since I moved to Canada from England I’ve felt a lot safer. The recent terrorist attacks have been scaring me and I’m very fortunate to have moved here earlier. My parents thought it was the best for me and my sister and now we are safe. From the whole of my heart thank you Canada for making me feel safe. I could have never asked for a better country.
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Happy Birthday Canada!



Dear Canada from Megan

Dear Canada,

Well, there is a lot to say about Canada, a lot of good things. I’ve loved how you are so kind to all kinds of people. Since I moved to Canada from England, this has been my home for five years and I am proud to be called Canadian. My favourite memory was walking off of the plane and stepping on your land and breathing in your air.
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Thank you so much for letting us have a good life here.

I love you Canada!



Dear Canada from Brock

Dear Canada,

I am Brock and I like living in Canada because it is a free country, but like any country, Canada is not perfect. There are other countries that have greater poverty and sickness, but Canada is not like that. Canada welcome people from other countries. Canada is beautiful, it has an amazing history.
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I love living in Canada. I am proud to be Canadian.




Dear Canada from Adam

Dear Canada,

Thank you for keeping us safe! For Fighting In World War ll and more!

For having almost free health care and donations for helping kids code! I’m glad I was ornb In Canada! I could have been born In Africa for all I know! I’m glad to be a Canadian!
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I also think we’re better than any other country, even better than America! If I were not born in Canada I would feel so jealous! Thanks for giving us the chance to have a very good life!

To be healthy and strong and creative and compassionate! I hope that Canada stays Canada and not merge with any other country!

Thank you for everything!




Canada Means Equality by Dani

Dear Canada,

Hi my name is Dani and I am a Canadian.   I’m proud of being Canadian because it is a free country.  Canada is a great country to live in because everyone is treated the same.   We are able to vote for whoever you want and travel where ever they want. Canada is a very beautiful country. Here we have six geographic regions known as: the Cordillera, Arctic region, Atlantic region, Canadian Shield, Interior Plains and the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Lowlands.  Each region has many beautiful sights; Rocky Mountains, forests, ocean lakes and animals. Some of the animals are beavers, deer, elk, wolves, river otters, whales, polar bears and beluga whales, those are only some of the animals. There are ten provinces and three territories.  My favourite province is Alberta because that is where I live. There is a fantastic event called the Calgary Stampede. I love Canada and I think it is the best place in the world!
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Dear Canada Dani